Center Pivot Insurance

Protect your investment with quality center pivot insurance.

Trouble — even disaster — can happen to a pivot system in the blink of an eye. Lightning, wind, collision with other equipment, theft, or vandalism can put your pivot out of business and cost a bundle to repair or replace. For true peace of mind, consider purchasing center pivot insurance through Diversified Insurance from Central Valley Irrigation.

We offer the broadest coverage available, including losses from mechanical or electrical damage such as a microswitch or ball joint failure, shearing a bolt or snapping an overhang cable. Policies are available for any brand or age of equipment, and unlike some companies, we offer a replacement cost policy (up to the insured amount) instead of an actual cash value policy which pays claims based on depreciated equipment values.

If you do have to make a claim, we promise to get you up and running as fast as possible. We can settle most claims with one estimate, pictures of any structural damage and a simple proof of loss form.

Find out how affordable peace of mind can be.

Contact Monty or Denise via email or call us today at (308) 995-6583.

Monty Vonasek

Licensed Insurance Agent

Denise VanEperen

Licensed Insurance Agent

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